Q: Can I still do teamwork bonus activities when focused on a clue card below where the suspect pawn is?

A: Yes. The suspect pawn only limits confirming, not other actions or teamwork bonus activities. It is possible to change the aspect of the clue card below the suspect pawn (e.g. by investigating it), which may enable you to confirm that card. Only the aspect type matching the color of the disc beneath the suspect pawn is restricted from confirming, and only for the current turn (see card 47A for more details)

Q: We have a card that is not the same aspect type as the blocked type, but it has the ability to act like that type if we chose. Can we confirm that card?

A: Yes, as long as the printed color of the clue card in question does not match the color of the disc below the suspect pawn, you may confirm it.

Q: How many incoming clues can I flip and/or discard for 1 battery?

A: You may flip and/or discard any of the visible incoming clues for 1 battery. If you discard the top card of the clue deck (revealing a new incoming clue), you would have to spend another battery if you wanted to flip or discard the newly revealed incoming clue(s).

Q: I have a question about batteries.

A: There are other cards in the campaign deck that use batteries. For general questions, check out the Batteries rules questions page.