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Specific Campaign Cards

To find questions for a specific card you unlocked during the campaign, look for the clue that led you to unlock that card in the list below or on the full Campaign Card Index page.

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Core Game Play

Q: Can you confirm two cards with the same name to the center row?
A: Yes. There are multiple clue cards with the same name (for example, “Theft”), and you can confirm multiple cards with the same name to the center. (Note: You may unlock a campaign card that changes this.)

Q: Can you confirm two cards of different aspect types into the center row?
A: Yes. You may confirm cards of any aspect type into the center row. Unless otherwise specified, you will only solve the aspect when you have a set of 5 matching aspect type cards in the center row (5 Location cards, for example.) Remember: with the confirm action, you can add a clue card to an empty slot in the center row or exchange a clue card with a card already in the center row.

Q: When you shift focus, can you move your focus token 2 slots for 1 action?
A: Yes. You can shift focus to any of your cards for 1 action. For example, you would only use up 1 action shifting your focus token from your leftmost card all the way to your rightmost card.

Q: If I want to investigate (flip) 3 of the cards in my hand, do I use up 3 actions?
A: No. You can flip as many of the cards in your hand as you want for only 1 action. As part of that 1 action, you may flip your cards in any order and 1 at a time, deciding after each flip whether to continue flipping another card. (Note: If you flip a card, it will require another action to flip that same card again.)

Q: Can I give ideas to another player on my turn as a teamwork bonus activity?
A: No. The “Get Inspired” teamwork bonus activity allows you to take ideas on your turn from another player who is focused on the same aspect type as you on your turn , but you may not give ideas.

Q: Does the game end if we have 0 ideas?
A: Not necessarily. The game will end if you need to remove from the game more ideas than you have in the supply or players’ hands. If you have exactly 0 ideas, you can continue to play until an event requires you to remove from the game more ideas than you have or until the game ends through one of the other conditions.

Q: Do we unlock cards 3 and 4 if we are just playing a single (non-campaign) game of Spy Club?
A: Yes. When you start a game, you don’t have to decide if you are playing a single game or the first game in a campaign until the end. Card 3 will introduce a twist to the rules of the game, and Card 4 will guide you through the process of choosing whether to (a) reset the game or (b) continue to Game 2 in the campaign.

Q: When you solve an aspect, does the corresponding event go way?
A: No. You continue to carry out events, whether you have solved the aspect or not. For example, even after you solve the Location for the case, you would still carry out the Decoy event when the suspect pawn ends its movement at a Location card.

Campaign Structure

Q: In a campaign, do you have to win Game 1 before moving on to Game 2?
A: No. After each case in a campaign, you will continue to the next case whether you complete all your objectives for that game or not. (This means that each campaign will last exactly 5 cases, even if you never solve all 5 aspects of any particular case.)

Q: Do we play with Card 3 (“Urgent Message”) in all 5 cases in a campaign?
A: No. You only play with Card 3 in an individual game and in the Case 1 of a campaign.

Q: Where do I look for questions about specific cards I unlock during a campaign?
A: Check out the Campaign Card Index.

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