Q: Which mosaic tokens should we use as cake walk squares?

A: Use only the red, purple, green, blue, and yellow tokens. If playing with two players, leave out the purple 2 and  blue 2.

Q: What does the player area look like after setup for a 4-player game?

A: Each player will have 3 cards in their hand, and each of the 12 clue cards will have 1 random cake walk square above it (of either red, purple, green, blue, yellow, or white).

Q: We are having trouble solving aspects. How are we supposed to get the suspect pawn to end its movement on a specific cake walk square color in order to solve an aspect?

A: Pay close attention to the most recently drawn card of the movement deck. The numbers on that card give you an idea of where the suspect pawn will move next. Use the Trade Squares teamwork bonus activity to move the cake walk squares either where you think he will move or directly underneath him. At any moment when there are 5 clue cards of the same aspect in the center row and the suspect pawn is standing on a cake walk square of a matching color, the aspect is solved.

Q: Can I use the Resilient Skill when it is not my turn?

A: Yes. You do not need to be the current player to use this skill.