Card 88

Q: Do we have to solve the Suspect again?

A: Yes! You picked the wrong suspect, but now they’ll help you solve the rest of your case. You still have to solve all 5 aspects, but now you only need 4 matching cards in the center instead of the usual 5.

Q: Can we place a 5th clue card into the center on top of the X token?

A: No. That center row spot is now blocked from confirming. If the symbol on the movement card points to this spot when you solve an aspect, consult the previous movement cards until you get a valid solution (see Note 2 on page 19 of the rulebook for more details…this might not be the only situation where you have an issue like this during a campaign!)

Question regarding card 88B
Q: How does the informant card work for teamwork bonus activities?

A: If you are focused on an informant card, you can carry out teamwork bonus activities with any other player, regardless of the aspect type of their focus card.