Q: How do we control which aspect we are solving?

A: As when you are solving an aspect normally, as soon as a 5th clue card is confirmed to the center row, pause the current player’s turn and determine the solution using the most recently drawn movement card. Since this module requires you to have 1 Distraction and 4 other clues of different aspect types, it is very possible the indicated solution is invalid, either because it indicates a distraction or an aspect you’ve already solved. If this happens, follow the rules in Note 2 on page 19 of the rulebook and look back at the previously drawn movement cards until you find a valid solution. It is possible that while trying to solve your 5th and final aspect, you may not have a clue card of that type in the center row, in which case you’ll need to find one of that type and exchange it with one already in the center row.

Q: When the parade advances clockwise, does it visit the Cabin?

A: Yes. In clockwise order, the front of the Parade will visit Carnival, School, Game Store, Cabin, Ice Cream Shop, Park, Mansion, Diner, Museum, Carnival, etc…