Q: Do I have to solve the other aspects of the case (crime, location, object, and motive)?

A: Yes. You will solve those aspects as normal. However, you will need to solve the Suspect differently for this case.

Q: Can we find alibis while also confirming other clues and solving other aspects?

A. Yes. You can work on solving the Suspect throughout the case.

Q: Does the crossing guard change the direction of the suspect pawns movement permanently?

A. No. The crossing guards benefit is only to be used for that turn only. For the suspect pawn’s movement at the end of the next player’s turn, return to moving the suspect pawn clockwise, as normal.

Q: Can I keep the Crossing Guard between cases?

A. Yes. The Crossing Guard is intended to be kept and used at opportune times throughout the campaign (in this case or future cases). You may use the Crossing Guard twice before returning it to the deck.