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Q: What should the table look like when clue cards are being confirmed?

A: Clue cards are not confirmed to the center row. Instead, players will build “stacks” of clue cards in their hands.

Q: After solving an aspect, does the entire stack get discarded? Or does it stay in the player’s hand for the remainder of the game?

A: You move the stack to the discard pile after you solve an aspect, just like you normally do with the cards from the center row.

Q: What happens when the suspect pawn ends its movement at a stack of cards?

A: First, carry out the event(s) as normal based on the top card of the stack. Then, move the top card from the stack to the discard area. To clarify, a stack is defined as two or more cards.

Q: Can I confirm a clue card from my hand onto a stack in another player’s hand?

A: No. You may only confirm clue cards from your hand on top of another card or stack in your hand.

Q: How many ideas does it cost to confirm a clue card (to make or add to a stack)?

A: You will need to spend ideas based on the distance of your focus card to the clue card you are confirming. For example: if your focus card is two cards away from the card you are confirming, you will spend two ideas; if your focus card is the clue you are confirming, you will not need to spend any ideas (barring any additional events/restrictions currently in play).