Q: Which numbers should we use for the 5 mosaic tokens used in this module?

A: The numbers on the mosaic tokens are not used in this module. Simply find one of each aspect type (color).

Q: When I’m required to exchange a clue card in my hand with an “Anonymous Tip” card in the suspect’s hand, can I choose which Anonymous Tip to take?

A: No. You will swap the clue card with the “Anonymous Tip” card above the mosaic token with the matching aspect type. That way, if the suspect pawn ends its movement on an Object and the suspect already has an Object card in their hand, you do not exchange cards. However, if the suspect ends its movement on an “Anonymous Tip” card in your hand, you may freely choose a clue card in their hand to exchange with (or none at all, keeping the Anonymous Tip in your hand).

Q: What are Distraction events? Should we have one already?

A: The game starts with 5 events, one for each of the main aspect types. Some modules in Spy Club may contain new events associated with aspects, even Distractions! If you have unlocked a Distraction event, you will know it…and those events can be triggered by the suspect’s movement in this module.

Q: Regarding the Perceptive skill, is the top card of the clue deck considered an “incoming clue”?

A: Yes. As indicated on page 6 Item 11 of the rulebook “[visible] clues, including the top card of the deck, are know as incoming clues”.