Q: We solved the Location before securing the Billiard Room. Do we gain any benefit for securing this area?

A: In the current case, you will not gain a benefit since you already solved the Location. If you do not secure all 5 areas in the current case, you will gain the benefit in the next case, being able to solve Location with 1 less card than normal.

Q: We secured 3 areas of the mansion during our previous case, and secured the remaining 2 in our current case. Do we again score 1 point for each of the 3 areas we secured in the previous case in addition to the 2 new areas?

A: Yes. The change in scoring remains in effect until you secure all 5 areas of the mansion, meaning you will score 2 point for each solved aspect and 1 point for each secured area (whether in this case or a prior case). When you are instructed to return card 56 to the deck, scoring will return to normal.

Question regarding card 165B
Q: Can I use the wrench for each card I flip using a single Investigate action?

A: Yes. With the Investigate action you may flip 1 or more cards in your hand, and you may use the wrench to flip 1 or more of those cards back to their original side. If you are ever able to flip cards that are not in your hand, you may not use the wrench to flip those cards back to their original side.