Q: Can I use the Leadership skill multiple times on my turn?

A: Yes, you may use this skill any time you use the shift focus action.

Question regarding card 116B
Q: When grounded, can I investigate, shift focus, confirm, or scout the card where the suspect pawn is?

A: Yes. The suspect pawn only limits teamwork bonus activities, not normal actions. It is possible to change the aspect of the clue card below the suspect pawn (e.g. by investigating it), which may enable you to perform teamwork bonus activities. Only the aspect type matching the color of the disc beneath the suspect pawn is affected, and only for the current turn (see card 47A for more details)

Question regarding card 119A
Q: Can mom’s suspicion level increase after we’ve been grounded?

A: No. The rules on card 84B do not apply after being grounded. Mom’s suspicion level can only decrease by shifting focus to Homework or Chores and discarding that card.