Q: Does the treasure map stay out for more than one case?
A: No. At the end of this case, if you did not find the treasure, you must return cards 16, 135, 160 to the deck, along with any treasure map cards you did not complete. You may keep the cards from passed checkpoints, provided you have not used the campaign benefit.

Q: What happens if i have the required number of clue cards in the center row to solve an aspect, but our group is not on a matching space on the treasure map?
A: If this happens, you will need to use the Confirm action to allow you to move the group token on the map (see card 16B for rules on moving on the map).  To successfully solve each aspect, you will need to have the required number of clue cards in the center row (typically 4 cards for this case) and have the group token on the matching color on the map.

Remember, when using the Confirm action to add a clue card to the center row, you may exchange it with a card already in the center (rather than adding it to an empty slot).

Q: Can we successfully finish the case (solve all aspects) before finding the treasure?
A: Yes. As long as you are following the requirements for solving aspects, you may solve all aspects and finish the case before getting to the final card on the treasure map and finding the treasure. However, you will miss out on the campaign benefit provided by finding the treasure.

Q: Can we find the treasure before successfully solving all the aspects of the case?
A: Yes. If you find the treasure prior to solving all aspects of the case, you will follow the directions on card 160A for putting away the rules cards. For any remaining aspects you need to solve, you will remove the X token from the center row and will need to confirm the required number of cards (typically 5).