Q: Do I have to select specific mosaic tokens?

A: You will need to select 1 mosaic token for each aspect (5 total). You may select any of the red mosaic tokens, blue mosaic tokens, etc. (The dots on the mosaic tokens are ignored for this case.)

Q: Are character cards affected by the Roadblock event?

A: No. If the Roadblock event is triggered, you do not need to flip over any character cards in your hand(s).

Q: If I decide to spend 2 ideas to do the Seek action, but find a character card after moving fewer than 6 cards, do I still need to spend 2 ideas?

A: Yes, you must decide how many ideas you will spend before searching, and any excess ideas spent after using the Seek action are spent to the supply.

Q: When solving an aspect, what happens if the card identified by the symbol on the most recently drawn movement card points to a character card?

A: Instead of using the most recently drawn movement card, look back at the previous movement card(s) (i.e., 2nd most recently drawn) until you find a symbol that does identify a valid solution. Please see Note 2 and Example J on page 19 for additional details.

Q: With the Foresight Character Skill, can the player who has this skill flip the top card of of the clue deck?

A: Yes. The top card of the clue deck is also an incoming clue and can be flipped as part of the Investigate action.