Q: Could you describe an example order of aiming and firing?

A: Player 1’s turn: actions, refill, AIM (add tracker token), move the suspect
Player 2’s turn: actions, refill, FIRE (at slot shown on recent movement card), move the suspect
Player 3’s turn: actions, refill, AIM, move the suspect (movement card shows escape, remove tracker token)
Player’s 4’s turn: actions, refill, AIM, move the suspect

Q: What happens when the suspect fires at an empty card slot?

A: Nothing happens. Remove the tracker token from the discard track. The suspect will aim on the next player’s turn after they refill.

Q: Do I need permission from the other player when using the Persuasive skill?

A: Yes. As a general rule in Spy Club, any time you wish to use an action or bonus activity involving another player, you must have their permission to do so. Remember, you’re all working together!