Question regarding card 77
Q: How do you enter the combination of the safe?

A: Let’s say the 4-digit combination you found is 2813. First, start where the suspect pawn is located and count 2 cards clockwise; then count counter-clockwise 8 cards; then count 1 card clockwise; and finally count 3 cards counter-clockwise. Flip over the card for where you ended the counting sequence. Write the name of the flipped-over card on a sticker and flip card 62 (the safe) for further instructions)

Question regarding card 62B
Q: Are clue cards with the name of your key piece of evidence treated as any aspect we want while in our hands?

A: No. While in your hand, in the incoming clues, etc., cards with the same name as your key piece of evidence are treated as their own aspect type. However, if your key piece of evidence is Prank, for example, any card with the name of Prank can be used as any aspect you wish when solving aspects.