Q:  What do you mean face down? Aren’t all of the clue cards double sided? 

A: It’s true: clue cards in Spy Club do not have a “front” and a “back”. To complete this task successfully, you’ll need to feel confident you know the face down side of the clue cards before confirming them. We suggest making good use of the Investigate action.

Q: How do I remove cards from the center row if one or more of the cards do not meet the requirements to solve the aspect? 

A: Remember, when using the Confirm action to add a clue card to the center row, you may exchange it with a card already in the center (rather than adding it to an empty slot). This is the best way to “remove” the cards that do not meet the requirements.

Q: What is a scanner?

A: A scanner is a device that captures images from photographs, posters, documents, and similar content for computer editing and display. The scanner referenced in this module is a flatbed scanner, on which you place documents face down on the glass to capture the image.

Document placed face down on a flatbed scanner