Q: What is the maximum possible score for this module?

A: Typically, successfully completing a case involves solving all 5 aspects and recording 1 new aspect of the master case, which gives you 20 points. Solving a Distraction would add 3 to this score, for a maximum score of 23. However, some modules change how points are scored or introduce additional objectives. Whatever the scoring conditions or the degree of success of your case, add 3 points to your score if you also solve a Distraction.


Q: How do we solve a Distraction with modules that introduce different ways to solve aspects?

A: Check the relevant roll-out below for clarification of how to solve a Distraction in modules that change how to solve aspects.

Game Store
All 9 cards in the cube must be Distractions
All face-down cards must be Distractions
Ice Cream Shop
All cards in a stack must be Distractions
A Distraction must be a valid solution position in the center row
A book token on a Homework card is considered returned when solving a Distraction
You may add a grey Distraction token to the group of rows during setup. When the suspect pawn ends its movement at a Distraction, you can confirm cards to any row, including Distraction clues to the Distraction row.
When solving a Distraction, disregard the additional requirement of having the suspect pawn on a matching cake walk square.
The archive team’s list does not impose a restriction on solving a Distraction. You will need to use 5 cards to solve a Distraction, like normal.
All cards in a correct formation must be Distractions. Still pay the number of ideas based on which aspect you are solving (2nd, 3rd, etc). If you are able to solve a 6th aspect, the Clear Tables action for that aspect requires 0 ideas but still uses up an action.
You must also have the Daring Level at 3 to solve a Distraction
When solving a Distraction, disregard the additional requirement of having a conversation token in the center row. Confirm 5 Distractions as normal to solve this aspect.
When solving a Distraction, you must have two cards of the same name in the center row.