Q: If we’re solving an aspect other than location, can the location card go anywhere in the center row?

A: Yes. You may confirm the necessary Location clue card in any spot in the center row.

Q: When solving an aspect, what happens if the card identified by the symbol on the most recently drawn movement card does not match the aspect that is being solved?

A: Instead of using the most recently drawn movement card, look back at the previous movement card (2nd most recently drawn) until you find a symbol that does identify a valid solution. Please see Note 2 and Example J on page 19 for additional details.

Q: When solving the Location aspect, do I need to confirm cards to the center row?

A: Yes. You’ll need to confirm the required number (typically 5) of Location cards to the center row. You will also need to have any 1 player’s token on a map location matching any of cards in the center row.