The Case of Fido’s Forgotten Fame

In our master crime, the Dog pulled a Prank using a Stamp in the Ice Cream Shop for Fame!

You see, Fido used to be a famous dog on a television commercial that involved him eating a stamp. Whenever anyone around town would see him after the commercial aired, they would say “Fido ate the stamp!” He loved the extra attention!

But lately everyone had forgotten and no longer said his catchphrase. So the sad dog went to the ice cream shop which always had a crowd, and when someone who was writing a letter wasn’t looking, Fido gobbled up the stamp. No one could find it, until Fido spit the stamp back out (he’s too good a dog to actually eat the stamp). When he spit the stamp out, the entire store erupted with “Fido ate the stamp!!” He was a happy dog again.