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Dan King: “The campaign system here is absolutely amazing. This game blew my mind. It’s going to be on my shortlist for co-op game of the year.”

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“The integration of Spy Club‘s  legacy-lite campaign is ingenious. The possible number of combinations and things to see is frankly staggering, providing a quietly revolutionary take on interactive mysteries, legacy games and emergent storytelling. There’s more to this unassuming character than meets the eye.”

Matt Jarvis, Tabletop Gaming Magazine

“Spy Club is one of the best new games I’ve played this year. The campaign is fantastic. So much of it feels fresh and new, including the cooperative set collecting, the simple-yet-entertaining storytelling, and … so much more that I can’t talk about because I don’t want to spoil anything.”

Ronny Alexander, Co-op Board Games (link)

Jamey Stegmaier: “My favorite game mechanism in Spy Club is that if your spy glass is aligned with someone else’s, it creates a teamwork element between you. I really, really like that about this game. It gets you to pay attention to the other players, communicate with them, and it unlocks additional actions.”

“This is my #1 family game of the year. In the campaign mode of Spy Club, you will unlock new content (from two giant decks of cards) that add new challenges to an already great game. It is not a legacy style format; nothing you do during the campaign will destroy any components. Instead, there are 40 different modules and you only use 4 each campaign. That’s a lot of replay value! Can’t recommend this game enough!”

Stuart Dunn, Family Game Night (link)

“Spy Club manages to pull off everything you’d want out of a good cooperative game: lots of social interaction, challenging gameplay, and stressful tension that keeps everyone engaged.”

Eric Yurko, What’s Eric Playing? (link)

“The real gem is the campaign. You get to unlock cards from the deck, and these may vastly change what your next games look like. The replayability is almost exponential.”

Sara Meadows, Tantrum House (link)

“There’s stuff in the campaign deck you probably don’t expect. There’s safe-cracking, some mini golf— and those aren’t just thematic, those are mechanics. It’s really, really cool. You’re building this story, case by case, to figure out what’s going on.”

“The mechanisms are fun to begin with, but once things start changing, once you get these fun mini-games and subsystems, the sky is the limit.”

Andrew and Jess Fisher, Gameosity (link)

Spy Club is an excellent family-weight intro to campaign gaming. Spy Club manages to scratch a similar itch to opening a sealed packet in a legacy game, without the commitment of a 12+ game campaign or the overhead of a more complex ruleset. I think that Foxtrot/Renegade have a hit idea on their hands with the Mosaic format.”

T.J. Jackson, The Campaign Log (link)

“Spy Club is incredible! I love this game. This game uses what they are calling the mosaic system. Each time you solve a piece of the master crime, you unlock more information that changes the way you play the game. It has lots of replayability and each time will be very different. It is very slick. When we finished our campaign, I wanted to play more immediately. Get the game — you won’t be disappointed.”

Jeremy Davis, Game Geek Ninja (link)

“Spy Club is a spectacular co-op game with beautiful artwork and an engaging, story-driven theme. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys co-ops or story-focused games.”

“Foxtrot’s mosaic system turns the simple but satisfying core cooperative concept into a robust campaign game. This is a system you will hear a lot about. I cannot wait to play again. 9/10”

Anthony Chatfield, Board Gamers Anonymous (link)

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